A Layman’s Guide to Facebook – Chris Coyier

My additions to the linked post:

Facebook tries to be the internet, but closed and run by algorithms made to maximize profit. Facebook has become an enemy of the internet.

Facebook is an environment where contradictions is not welcome, outside special groups you may or may not be invited to. Facebook has become an echo chamber. You just either like thing or get mildly surprised.

Please, use Facebook! I mean use. Please, stop posting your content on Facebook. Get a blog and link to it, on Facebook.

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Thinking it’s about time to get on Facebook? Here’s my pragmatic guide!! Go to Facebook.com and sign up. Facebook will guide you through the whole process. It’s their business to make it very easy to do. Imagine the kind of people who sign up for Facebook. I was once at Mt. Rushmore and overheard someone …

Kilde: A Layman’s Guide to Facebook – Chris Coyier